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ATC Firm is one of the most trusted Facebook Advertising agencies in Bangladesh. We’re a suitable selection if you’re looking for a powerful option to connect with and reach the customer. If you’re looking for Facebook Marketing in Bangladesh then we can be the best option for you.

Steps of Facebook Advertisement

First of all, you need to decide what you will be advertising on Facebook & what is objective. Facebook is an amazing tool because the system is extremely user friendly and it allows you to be creative with the way you can deliver messages, images, and videos. Many businesses are using this as their primary channel of advertising and reaching their target market. However, you must follow certain guidelines before you run your campaign. Read this article to learn how to use Facebook in your business to get better ROI and understand the ins and outs of Facebook advertising.

You should not only focus on creating an advertisement that you will use to drive traffic to your website. You should also learn how to develop content for Facebook Ads. This will help you with the details of promoting your site.

When you are planning to launch Facebook ads for your business, you have to make sure that you are able to give your target audience what they want. One of the most popular social media platforms nowadays is Facebook, and this is what you have to consider when you want to be responsive during Facebook ads. The good thing about it is that you can reach a lot of people through Facebook, and this means that you will not run out of buyers.

While there are many other factors to consider when deciding how much to spend on Facebook, analyzing and adjusting your ad’s budget is an important part of planning your campaign. Even if you have a sizable budget to work with, it’s still important to examine how that money will be spent to ensure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

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Our Facebook Marketing Services

ATC Firm provides Hassle-free Facebook advertising by bKash payment.

The Facebook SEO (On-page set up & optimization) is necessary to attract customer. We design the service for those who don’t have time or don’t have enough knowledge on the professional look of the business page.

Service cost: 1500 Taka

We offer Facebook Logo Design: 1000 Taka & Facebook Cover: 1000 Taka.

Eye-catching articles more attract people. Your money can be wasted if the content is not good. So we offer Post design for a boost with content. We collect pictures & videos from our clients.

We offer Facebook Cover Video Design for 4000 Taka.

We offer Facebook business page maintenance on a monthly basis.


We are focused on giving you the best return on your investment for your company with our best Facebook Advertisement.

Increase Page Like

Community engagement is necessary to achieve successful advertising on Facebook. Increasing page like is needed to build brand awareness and deliver ROI. For that you will need quality Facebook likes. We are here to offer you the quality and quantity of page likes.

We will attract the right audience and engage them in ways that align to your business goals. We will make sure that your brand’s images and description are engaging and encourages people to like your page.

We are always active to post your ideas at peak times when your audience is online. We may run Facebook contests often to build the audience and get more likes. Contact with us to make sure that you increase the likes of your Facebook page.

Boost Your Post

If you want a quick and easy way to show your content to people, boosting a post can be the solution. It will pave you to the people who might be interested in your business and eventually grow your page audience.

Our post-boosting service will help you to get more likes, shares, and comments on the posts you create. We will define your audience based on things like locations, and interests or maybe a custom audience based on contacts you already have.

Our expert team will help you to create innovative and eye-catching content and boost your post at affordable prices which will reach more people.

Engage With Audience

Many people may engage with your content on Facebook. Our engagement with the audience creates an engagement with those people. Our work is to find out your targeted audience and send them the message of your by engaging them with your content.

Basically, we target ads to people who have taken action similar to your ads. Since on Facebook lots of people tend to like new posts or pages, it becomes very important to hold your audience and keep them engaged.

So, we will constantly look into the audience to get them refreshed so you don’t lose your audience and more people can get engaged to your page.

Improve Brand Reputation

Facebook provides you with plenty of opportunities to enhance your outreach strategy. For that, you need creative and engaging content. Without quality posts, you will not be able to achieve your business goals. To fulfill your business objectives, we are here to improve your brand awareness.

We will help you to get organic boosts to deliver your content to more news feeds. We will be providing you a glimpse of what is being talked about or shared most to connect more people and engage them in meaningful conversation.

Our strategy will be to publish your posts and promote your products and services. But for quality brand awareness and to improve your reputation, we will balance your promotional content with posts that are educational, and entertaining in nature.

Drive Traffic to the Website

Facebook is a great way to drive traffic to your website. And eventually, it will provide you with a better ranking in search engine results. In order to do that, you need all your Facebook followers to make the click from Facebook to your website. We have the solution to make the door open for you.

To drive traffic from Facebook to your website, our expert team will optimize your Facebook page and add a call-to-action if needed. To get more user engagement, your page needs to contain informative, entertaining, and funny articles or pictures.

But blogging is the main solution to drive your audience to your website. We will give your followers something interesting to keep them coming back for more.

Increase App Download

Facebook app download help to connect with people. It will help you to connect with the people who are more likely to install your app and get more people who are actually using it. Our professional advertising team starts a Facebook campaign to get more downloads for the app.

We can target your audience based on their location, likes and interests, preferences, and behaviors. We are going to create a community around your brand, engage with them regularly, and give them updates.

And that’s how people will start engaging with your business and learning more and they will start noticing your app. That’s when you will see that your app downloads increase rapidly.

Retargeting Marketing

Facebook retargeting is important and effective for your brand. Retargeting can dramatically increase the efficiency of your advertisement. Our Facebook retargeting can drive conversions, sales, and ROI.

Retargeting marketing means targeting those traffics who have already visited your page or website and know something about your brand.

We are going to run many campaigns on your Facebook page and include Pixel (retargeting code) to give you an alert about the visitor on your site. Our experts are very specialized in showing you the effective way of Facebook retargeting marketing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can pay Facebook using PayPal or Credit card. If you don’t have a credit card you can still pay us using bank wire transfer or bKash to promote your Facebook page without a credit card.

When you boost facebook page, facebook reach your audience to like or follow the page. But if you boost your facebook post, FB campaign let us help to drive more traffic to your post to increase sell or drive traffic to your website, mobile apps.

Yes, you can easily pay us by bKash and we can boost your facebook post or page from our business account.

It depends on your marketing plan. You can spend minimum $1 (90 BDT) per day. The more you spend on your marketing the more chance you have for reaching a large number of targeted audience.

Yes. We do local & global boosting.

No. BoostUp Ads is a platform where you can use our Business Manager & Ad Manager for your campaign. We can give direction but no guarantee. It totally depends on your content, product, service, etc.

Usually, 1-3 hours but we can take up to 24 hours. But if there is any technical problem from us or Facebook then we will inform you.

 Facebook ads is important for businesses because it offers a cost-effective way to reach and engage with target audiences, build brand awareness, increase website traffic, generate leads and conversions, and foster customer loyalty. Facebook ads platforms have a vast user base, and with the right strategy, businesses can reach and connect with potential customers where they spend their time online.

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