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Digitally transformative, fully-featured, and high-valued Mobile App Development.

Services We Offer


Android App Development

Android is the leading and most preferred operating system in smartphones. Everyone is looking to serve their customer with a unique and well-designed Android application. We are the best Android app development company in Bangladesh and provide seamless experiences to our clients. Our team builds an Android app that stands on par with the current market needs.

As a reliable Android app development company, the main focus of our company is to produce and develop custom Android apps for all domains and scales of enterprises.

Android App

iOS App Development

We are one of the best iOS app development companies in Bangladesh and believe in building quality iPhone applications for our clients that help them to serve their customers better. As a professional iPhone app development company, we are committed to creating a user-friendly and well-designed iPhone mobile app.

With the proper knowledge and innovation, we create our client’s dreams into reality. We also strictly follow the iOS standard while creating an iPhone mobile application so that we’ll deliver the best and high-quality product.

iOS App

Mobile App Development

ATCF Soft has the right set of expertise, experience, and most important resources to provide better web app development services in Bangladesh. Our goal is to deliver the best web application to our clients. Before undertaking any project, we understand the client’s needs and accumulate the best resources to build a best-in-class web application.

Web App

Native App Development

ATCF Soft is a well-established and reliable native app development firm. We understand well how much software mobility is important to share information and make collaboration. Our team of react-native developers will make the changes in the native application as it needs changes from time to time.

Native App

Hybrid-Native App Development

ATCF Soft is a well-established and reliable hybrid-native app development firm. We understand well how much software mobility is important to share information and make collaboration. Our team of react-native developers will make the changes in the hybrid application as it needs changes from time to time.

Hybrid-Native App

Why Choose ATCF Soft to Develop Your Android Mobile Application?

We are specialized in Android mobile app development services and offer a full range of app solutions that promise memorable experiences for the Android user base, ROI improvements & market success of your business

60% Faster Development

Minimalistic Design

Enterprise Enabled

Compliance Driven

Smooth Deployment

Contingency Plan

Seamless Backend

Strict Adherence

AI & ML Enablement

Requirement Gathering

Tools & Technologies We Use in Android Application Development

Developing world-class Android mobile applications needs state-of-the-art tools & technologies. We employ a cutting-edge & tech-driven development process to build advanced app solutions for the full suite of Android devices

How we work?

Strategy / Consulting

  • Establish where mobile fits into your business
  • Enterprise solution or Consumer application
  • Identify the opportunity
  • Define the customer journey
  • Define a mobile road map


  • User Experience (UX) development
  • Branding Defined
  • Wireframing
  • Creative consultation
  • Integration policy design
  • Cross Platform adaptation
  • Concept delivery


  • Mobile and backend development
  • Agile development framework
  • Weekly project reviews
  • CMS system development
  • 3rd party integrations

Quality Assurance

  • Robust QA process
  • Bug testing
  • UX function and experience testing
  • Cross-platform checks and testing
  • Back-end integration / CMS testing
  • Future proof testing


  • App store optimisation
  • App marketing strategy
  • App Training
  • Full SLA

On-Going Support

  • SLA and Maintenance
  • Consultancy for rollout and partner support

Our Clients

Corporate Clients:

Corporations use mobile apps in a variety of ways, such as branding, marketing, or sales. We develop custom mobile apps for corporate clients to put their businesses in front of the right people.

SME/Private Enterprise Clients :

Small and medium enterprises find mobile apps even more profitable, as mobile app development is more economic than web development. We develop business-oriented apps for SME and Private Enterprises Clients to address their unique business process.

Our Clients, Our Pride

Our Mobile Apps Showcase

Our portfolio includes custom mobile/Smartphone solutions for a varied range of industries including Music, Business, Finance, Sports, Facebook, Social Media, Networking, Games, News, Travel, Videos, Books, Utilities, Lifestyle, Shopping, Weather, Navigation,

We have successfully created over Fifty + apps on every major Smartphone /mobile platform and every one of them is unique. This gives us the confidence to handle your app, regardless of your industry and your requirements. We do not just build an app for you; we help you with the strategy, design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance. more

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, we can sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) for your IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) protection. We can sign the NDA at the beginning before you discuss any project details, or at a later stage – whichever suits you.

The client will own the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of the Android mobile application developed by ATCF SOFT. Once the application is developed, we will hand over the code to the client as per the agreement. We do not reuse the source code developed for our clients.

We follow the Agile Methodology process for Android mobile app development. Some of the key steps of the development process are:

  • Brainstorming & Consultation
  • Scope of Work, Tech Stack & Architecture Discussion
  • Timeline & Cost Estimation
  • Project Kickoff & Resource Allocation
  • Project Analysis & FRD Signoff
  • Conceptualizing the UI & UX
  • Application Development
  • Quality Analysis & Testing
  • Code Deployment on Production Server

Fixed Cost Projects – We analyze and then submit a fixed cost against the detailed scope of the project. The total cost will be divided into multiple milestones, and deliverables will be assigned against the same for you to map the Andriod app development process.

Dedicated Resource Model – We provide dedicated onsite/offsite resources and the billing occurs monthly at a mutually decided cost. If required, we’d be open to deploying our project managers to oversee the development.

Yes, we build Android MVP & we always suggest our clients have a market launch of MVP before the extensive feature inclusions. It will help them to interact with early adopters and integrate user feedback. Post getting confidence in the app idea, we go for a full-pace Android application launch.

Native mobile applications are platform-specific– a mobile app developed for the Android platform will not function on iOS and vice versa. Native apps are developed in a language compatible with the platform. These apps fully utilize the platform’s built-in capabilities, ensuring the apps are high-performing, responsive & fast.

On the other hand, cross-platform mobile apps are developed using platform-independent technologies and with a single code base that supports both Android and iOS devices. Cross-platform mobile app development saves deployment time & is cost-effective.

Affle mE teams use Agile Methodology (Scrum or Kanban methodologies) for Android application development. If the project is greater than three months, accounts to our internal Kanban/Scrum interfaces can be provided for external monitoring to show total transparency in the project lifecycle. Also, we assign a dedicated Account Manager to your project who ensures all the details are communicated.

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