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Welcome to Attakasur.com. Attakasur.com is one of the fully automated and largest online wholesale marketplaces in Bangladesh where our terms and conditions guide your access to Attakasur.com and use of its website, app, services, etc. By using this website, you are deemed to have accepted our terms and conditions and agreed to be bound by them. If for any reason you do not agree with our terms and conditions, please refrain from accessing, registering, and using our website. The entire authority and ownership of this website belong to the management of At Takasur Consultancy Firm (Registration/License Number: “03/P-172”). Attakasur.com reserves the right to change, amend, amend, add or remove any of the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. We expect the terms and conditions to be changed without prior notice to be effective for customers. Please check our terms and conditions regularly for updated terms and conditions. Your regular use of the website indicates that you are using our website subject to the revised terms and conditions.

Detailed Shipping Terms & Conditions:
Shipping charges may vary due to reasonable reasons. If the customs charges are increased for any reason while taking the product delivery, we will prepare a bill from the customer according to the additional shipping charges determined by the customs after showing sufficient proof. In this case, the customer will be obliged to pay for it. For international shipping (China to Bangladesh) we charge shipping charges based on product weight and local delivery charges are free for products worth more than BDT.1,00,000. Our shipping charges are relatively low compared to other shipping companies like (DHL/FEDEX/other competitors). You are requested to review the market in this regard.

In the case of orders above 1,00,000 Taka, the local delivery charge is free. In the case of heavy goods, the shipping charges will be calculated according to the weight of the goods.

In case of purchase of food items, perishable or fragile products such as chocolate, biscuits, chips, frozen food, aquarium plant, glass, perfume bottle, glass plastic, sunglasses, etc., after placing the order, the customer must send the wooden box by mail and phone call. Or the requisition to bring to the country should be secured with a checksheet. Otherwise, the Company shall not be liable for any damage to such undeclared orders and the Customer shall be liable to accept all damaged goods. Otherwise, the Company may take all necessary steps to recover its damages, including legal remedies, and the Customer shall be bound to do so unconditionally.

Shipment charges are usually calculated in kg. However, if the product ordered by the customer is such that it is less in weight but wastes more space ie chair, fridge, table, or almirah, then the customer’s shipping charge will be calculated according to the process of determining the proper weight of the cargo called CBM i.e. cubic meter. . In this case the customer will be bound by it. Also, the CBM formula is a simple calculation – it’s the length * width * and height of the item. 1 CBM = 167 kg (By Air).

If the customer sources the product through us and brings it to the country through any other shipping service, in that case the customer has to pick up the product from our global warehouse. After coming back to the country, no complaints will be accepted. However, if the customer brings the products sourced through our own global logistics service – Shipbuzz, if there is any problem even after coming to the country, then we will take responsibility as always.

Shipping Time:
Shipping time is calculated on working days. Public holidays are excluded from this working day. If due to unforeseen reasons your product is missing from our warehouse or if we are unable to deliver your product within the specified date, we will take a few more days to find it. However, if your product cannot be found, we will refund you within the next 10-15 working days.

Delivery terms and conditions:
01. After the goods arrive at our office in Dhaka, their weight is measured and a bill is prepared. Customers are then called to pay the bill and collect their products.
02. Attakasur.com shall not be responsible for damaged or broken or lost products if they do not collect their products within 10 working days from the date of calling the customers. If a customer wants to pick up his product after 10 working days then he will have to pay an additional penalty of 5% for every 07 days on the total shipping charges.
03. If the customer does not pick up the product within 30 days of notification, we will try to recover our expenses by selling the product. Even after selling the product, if our expenses are not fully paid, the customer will be obliged to pay the remaining amount otherwise we will have the right to take legal action against him.

Prohibited goods:
There are restrictions on some products by the Bangladesh government, as a result of which it is not possible to bring those products as per the rules of Bangladesh Customs. If anyone needs these products exclusively, please contact us first without ordering those products directly from our website. Ordering Prohibited Products directly from the Website will result in the cancellation of your order.

List of products not to be imported (prohibited):

walk away
SKD (Special Parts for Import Prohibited Goods)
Drones/ Drone Parts
Drones/ Drone Parts
Gas lighter
Pakistani cream
Security Goods Handcuffs/Pistols/Guns
We also have restrictions on importing goods not mentioned here but prohibited by the Bangladesh government. In this case, we reserve the right to cancel the customer’s order.

Payment Policy:
Attakasur.com is a global wholesale marketplace with over 1 crore sellers and over 10 crore product collections. From here the customer can purchase any product of his choice. In this case, we deliver the money paid by the customer to the global supplier/seller/manufacturer with maximum security. We received the customer’s paid Bangla Tk. C. – through global currency conversions and complete payments to global sellers within 24-48 working days through which our services are completed (as a B2B marketplace or media). Therefore, we are operating our service in compliance with the policies assigned by the Bangladesh Bank and the Ministry of Commerce regarding the acceptance of advance payments and the delivery of goods or services as per the Digital Commerce Management Guidelines.

The customer can ship the goods purchased from his global seller by any means of his choice. However, for the convenience of the customer, we also facilitate the delivery of goods through our own global shipment service.

Secondly, we receive the goods ordered from the supplier at our global warehouse and bring them to Bangladesh through our own global logistics service – Shipbuzz. In this case, we pay the VAT tax and other charges of Bangladesh Customs without taking advance from the customers and the goods are delivered to the customer’s doorstep in cash-on-delivery.

Terms of Use:
Your account:
In order to use some services on our website, you may need to open an account or complete the account with some of your personal information. We reserve the right to cancel your username or password at any time without prior notice and we shall not be liable for any loss or damage you suffer as a result of such cancellation. It is your responsibility to protect the privacy of your personal information, account information, passwords, etc. If for any reason you think that someone knows your password or someone is trying to use your password in a dishonest way, please notify us immediately. Only you or your nominee to whom you provide login information has access to your personal information. Please ensure that all the information you provide is correct. You must provide all your account information in Account. If you need to edit any information in your account, you cannot do so from your account. If you want to edit it, you need to contact our customer service center to change it. We reserve the right to terminate your access to our website, cancel your account, or change or modify any content without prior notice. You will regularly change your password to protect your account, and be responsible for protecting the privacy of your account or the disclosure of your personal information.

Please see our Privacy Policy. Your personal information is handled by our website with utmost care and confidentiality in accordance with the Privacy Policy. If for any reason you find our privacy policy invalid, please refrain from using our website.

Communication platform:
You agree that our website is an online platform that allows you to order products anytime, anywhere using a payment method of your choice. You further understand and agree that we are only an intermediary and have no authority to control any transaction on the Website or any third-party payment method. Any agreement between you and the seller regarding purchasing products from our website is a bilateral agreement. Similarly, the transactional agreement between you and the service provider on our website is a bilateral agreement for online transactions.

Website Functionality:
We will do our best to keep the website up and running, uninterrupted, and error-free. However, the site may not always be up and running due to internet speed and site movement. In addition, your access to the Site may be prohibited for a period of time due to the version, repair, maintenance, or addition of new services to the Site without prior notice. We will take all necessary steps to minimize such complications.

Permission to use the website:
By accessing this website you agree that you are 18 years of age or older or that you are using the site with the cooperation and consent of your parents. We grant you permission to purchase products and services from our website for personal use in accordance with our terms and conditions. If you have registered on our site on behalf of a business, you agree to comply with our user policies and all laws related to online commerce on behalf of that organization. No individual or organization may register as a member on our site more than once. Everything published on our site is published for informational purposes only. All information regarding the product (product price, color, quantity, features, etc.) is provided by the seller/vendor and in this case, we do not give any guarantee about the quality of the product. We grant you unrestricted permission to use our website, but this permission may not be used to download our site or modify any part of the site. This permission does not apply to the sale of the Site, the sale or use of any of its information, or the copying of any information on the Site. Reproduction, copying, sale, or distribution of the site or the site’s copyrighted content, trademarks, etc. for commercial purposes without permission is strictly prohibited. You agree to refrain from any prohibited activities.

If you are found to be involved in any of the following activities, your account, order, services, and ongoing incomplete transactions with us will be canceled immediately and legal action will be taken if necessary, subject to the following conditions:

If you violate the terms and conditions stated on our site or any other policy for using the site.
If your claimed affiliation with a person or organization is false.
If you use the site for illegal purposes.
Attempting to illegally access systems or networks associated with the Website.
If you attempt to promote or smuggle items prohibited by the Bangladesh government through the site.
Use or upload to the Site any software that contains viruses that may damage the Site or the Site’s information.
Trademark and Copyright:
All property, information, site design, source code, and software, registered or unregistered, are our own property. All information on our site is copyrighted in accordance with Bangladesh Copyright Act and International Law and we own all rights to it.

You agree that you are acting on your own initiative by accessing our site knowingly. We will not be responsible for any actions of the Seller and will not resolve any dispute between the Seller and you.

We will not be held responsible for any personal or business loss you may incur as a result of using the Site.

State Law and Jurisdiction:
These Terms and Conditions have been prepared in accordance with the laws and jurisdiction of the Government of Bangladesh.

Pricing, Availability, and Order Processing:
All prices on our site are in Bangladeshi Taka. Your shopping cart always shows updated prices for all products. This price may differ from the price shown when you first add the product to your cart. Adding a product to the cart does not mean that the product’s prize is reserved. Even the price of a product may not be what it was when you bought the product when you added it to the cart. The price of the product may be lower or higher. We provide product availability information on our website. Beyond this information, we cannot provide any more specific information about product availability.

In some cases, it is not possible to process an order due to various reasons. In this case, we reserve the right to cancel any order at any time for any reason. To prevent any form of fraud, we reserve the right to verify the validity of your payment details and personal information provided to us before delivering your product. Your address or bank details may be verified during this validation process. Failure to provide any verification information within a specified time frame will result in your order being canceled. We reserve the right to immediately cancel any order at any time that is fraudulent or has the potential to be fraudulent.

Payment Policy:
After delivery of the goods ordered on Attakasur.com – for any reason beyond the control of the company/individual or if the ordered goods are not the same, the customer is informed by phone, SMS, e-mail, or other means within 24 hours of receiving the goods. In this case, Attakasur.com gives a full refund to its customer within the next 72 hours. Moreover, Attakasur.com never compels its customer to purchase any product directly or indirectly with a refund.

We do not provide any warranty on products sold by sellers on our site. We don’t influence anyone even when buying products from thousands of sellers on our site. We are not responsible for any errors or omissions by sellers. The seller or site may cancel the order without any prior notice if the price shown on our site may be incorrect due to a technical error or typing mistake.

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