Updated on May 18, 2022

* We do not have ready stock of your ordered products. After you order, we deliver the products directly from the seller to your door, so we cannot offer refunds or returns except in very limited circumstances.*

Return Policy:
Refunds will be applicable in any case:
01. After delivery of the ordered product from us, if there is any defect in the product, damage or if a wrong product or incomplete product is sent to you only then you need to apply for a refund within 24 hours by going to the refund option on our website with proper proof. Any application for a refund after this will not be accepted.
02. If the seller does not have the product you ordered, you can apply for a refund.
03. Due to ordering many products at once, the seller sometimes delays the shipment of some products. In this case, we send the products that reach our office to your address. Please wait a few days to get the rest of the products. If you want you can track your order from
04. A refund can be applied if the product you ordered does not arrive within 45 working days (excluding all types of holidays) for any reason.
05. We do not have a product exchange system here.

Some new instructions of regarding the refund of missing or lost products:
1. video footage should be saved when the customer unboxes the delivered products.
2. Each delivered product box has a photo of a Chinese invoice/sticker on it and a photo of the Chinese invoice inside the product box should be taken and saved.
3. All the products should be placed on the weighing machine/gauge which the customer will weigh, and the picture should be taken in the weighed condition.
4. In case of a missing product, we have to inform us in writing and in detail along with the number of the missing product, specifying the correct size/color of the delivered product.
5. If for any reason it is not possible to identify the missing or lost product by the above method, the customer must return all products to the warehouse.
6. The customer must complete the above tasks within 24 hours of delivery and report the complaint to the appropriate customer support.

Refund Deadline:
Our team will contact you after you apply for the refund following all the conditions. If your request falls within our refund policy then the price of the product you ordered will be refunded within 10-15 working days. In some cases, the refund time may be shorter or longer based on your payment method.

Returns will be applicable in some cases:
If the color or size of the delivered product does not match the ordered product, in case of returning the product, you have to go to the return option on our website and apply for a refund with proper proof within 24 hours. Applications after this will not be accepted. Our team will analyze your application and contact you.

Returns will not be applicable in any case:
01. If you do not notify us within 24 hours of receiving the product.
02. If the color of the actual product differs from the product image on the website due to the display color of the computer or phone.
03. 1-4 inch variation in size.
04. If not satisfied with product quality.
05. When the product is used.

Conditions of return:
1. Returned product must be unused, product cannot be washed in any way. Only fashion products can be given a trial after but they cannot be fried or smoked in any way.
2. The product must have the original tag, user manual, warranty card, and all accessories provided.
3. The product must be carefully returned in the original packet or box provided by the supplier. And if the product has been delivered in an packet or box, then the product must be returned in the same packet or box with the shipping level. No tape or sticker can be used on the box provided by the supplier.

How to apply for a refund/return?
1. First you log in to your account. Then click on the My Order option from there.
2. From there select the order you want to refund/return and click on the Manage Order button.
3. Then select the product you want to refund/return and fill out the refund/return form accurately.
4. In case of a return, carefully pack the product you want to return in the original and good packaging provided by the supplier.
5. If your address is in Dhaka, you can come to our office and return the product yourself or send it by courier to our address. On the other hand, if your address is outside Dhaka, you can send the product to our address by courier.
6. Before sending goods from Dhaka or outside Dhaka, we must be informed by phone or email. In both cases, you have to courier the product at your own cost and responsibility. We are not responsible for product loss or damage in couriers.

Courier services through which products can be returned:
Sundarban Courier Service or SA Paribahan.

Courier Address:

At-Takasur Consultancy Firm
3rd Floor Nice Plaza, Aam Chattar,
Rajshahi-6203, Bangladesh
Phone: (+880) 1977-487980

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