Service & Maintenance

As a company, it puts its customers’ needs first with one of the most comprehensive customer support and care programs in the business today. In At-Takshur Consultancy Firm has highly trained skilled engineers, and scores of competent technicians, managers, and support staff work relentlessly round the clock to boost every aspect of your engine and equipment’s productivity. Our service team is available for on-site and emergency services 24 X 7 and is under constant training to update themselves. each of our teams has access to technical data, manuals, and service bulletins. This specific line of business also provides annual maintenance service contracts to our potential customers.

At-Takshur Consultancy Firm service team also organizes frequent training sessions for the customers regarding the operation and maintenance of our supplied products. We also have frequent Machine Care programs to improve our customer service. It is generally known that maintenance is an important part of product or solution delivery. Quality maintenance can guarantee customer satisfaction and bring a good reputation to the brand.

As we always say, “Our specialty, is your strength”, Maintenance is also the key process to presenting your specialty to the clients. We treasure every opportunity and process connected with customers.

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