Soil Investigation


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The most important and essential part of any structure is sub-soil investigation work. The building will rest on it throughout its whole life. The structural designer cannot design the foundation without the sub-soil investigation data & soil parameters. It’s not possible to select a suitable type of foundation without soil testing. So get the soil test to know whether the building needs a shallow foundation or a deep foundation.

We are a respectable and esteemed name in the sub-soil investigation work. At-Takasur Consultancy Firm is one of the most trusted soil investigation and Geo-technical solution companies in Bangladesh. We are specialised in Site Investigation for Buildings, Bridges, Infrastructures and Laboratory Testing Services. At-Takasur Consultancy Firm provides the best SPT sheet for individual boring. We also provide Laboratory Testing of the soil sample with Detailed Soil Investigation Report. A proper soil investigation from a reputed company will lead you to the safer future.

Our Soil Test Facilities

Density Test.

Plastic Limit

Plasticity Index

Standard Penetration Test.

Direct Shear Test

Consolidation Test

Consolidation Test

Grain Size Analysis

Tri-axial shear Test

Specific Gravity Test.

Hydrometer Analysis

Field Compaction Test

Water Table Measuring

Unconfined Compression Test

Natural Moisture Content Test.

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