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Truck Rental Services

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Have you need Truck Rental? We have hundreds of truck for rental basis for carrying goods such as bricks, sands, cement, rod, furniture etc. Hire a Truck from ATC Firm anytime.

We have 3 ton, 5 ton, 7 ton even 10 ton truck to carry your materials to all over Bangladesh. Truck sizes will be 14 feet, 16 feet, 18 feet. Renting a truck from us is very easy. Just call us we will send you the truck to your desired places.

Don’t worry about the payment. For a small or single trip you can pay the payment to the Truck driver. But for big deal, you may have to come to our office or we can go to you for signing a contract.
Our experienced truck driver will help you to carry your valuable goods safely. We can go any where in Bangladesh.
Transport Rental Services

Please Calculate the fare yourself for all over Bangladesh.

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