Building Construction Rules In Bangladesh

Construction structures like buildings are versatile features of a city that should be designed according to building construction rules in Bangladesh. To ensure a safe and modern city environment, Bangladesh is eagerly moving forward to upgrade building rules keeping in mind the increasing population and urban areas in Rajshahi. Besides Rajshahi, it is also essential to implement building regulations in all the divisions of our country.

For providing safety and a healthy living environment, National Regulations set by the government are becoming effective in Bangladesh. In 2008, the Building Construction Act was published and modified which was originally created in 1952. For the other Urban area of Bangladesh, builders follow FAR (Floor Area Ratio) and MGC (Maximum Ground Coverage) rules.

In addition, IFAR and MGC were created in 2008 which defines limiting the volume of each building as per the total area of the place and the roads surrounding the construction Place.


Why it is necessary to follow building construction rules in Bangladesh?
A number of high-rise mega projects are being constructed in different locations like Dhaka, Rajshahi, Khulna, Sylhet, and Barishal must be created to influence the quality of environment and livability. Dhaka has the largest population among all the divisions in our country so it has become the main concern for think tanks or media to avoid future calamities. We want to get rid of safety risks like any breakage on building or fire hazards, so it is important to follow all the rules. Take fire hazards as an example. It occurs one after another, it became crucial to follow the building construction rules. Stakeholders have the bigger concern for making rules that can be followed in any construction project.

Here are listed valuable rules and regulations that are known as building construction rules in Bangladesh

FAR – Floor Area Ratio

The Floor Area Ratio (FAR) is the total sum of the whole area of any building or structure in proportion to the total ground area. Depending on the floor area ratio, the height of each building can be increased by leaving specified places. FAR will make you understand what will be the height and area of floors. Also, you can know what areas of spaces would be left, and how many floors you can approve for construction followed by building construction rules in Bangladesh.

MGC – Maximum Ground Coverage

Besides FAR, Maximum Ground Coverage (MGC) is also another remarkable issue because any building code has a chart of it. In the MGC, there are specified how much land a builder can leave for constructing a building according to the total size of the land area. Before doing the construction works, the builder needs to decide on his project following the legal steps like FAR and MGC.

The policy of Land Use

If any builder wants to construct any building approved by the government, he has to follow using the land for buildings as per the master plan of the city or metropolis. So, the rules of the “Land use policy” have been added by the government to the building code. According to the land policy, a builder has to plan and build any residential area have to consist of banks, 10 bed hospitals, restaurants, saloon, grocery shops, pharmacies, and more. In addition, the front road of these different constructions has to be at least 23m broad.

Set-back Rule

RAJUK has made some rules of building constructions in Bangladesh to make cities greener with sufficient light ventilation. RAJUK made it following the Detailed Area Plan (DAP). In the setback rule, it has been decided how much space you can leave in front, behind, and on both sides of any construction place like a building, restaurant, office. Along with FAR and MGC rules, it is necessary to do works according to the setback rules.


Buildings are surrounded by the roads as per the building code and any building construction approval depends on the streets. The road has to be a minimum of 3.75m wide or at least 3m wide for personally owned roads. In the code, it is said that those roads will be considered public roads if they are not owned by anyone personally. Moreover, the rule also says that each building should be built a minimum of four and a half meters 

Boundary Walls

For boundary walls, the height can be around 1.75 meters. If a builder wants, he can make the border walls of 2.75 meters and the highest portion of the wall can be made with lattice or grills.

Emergency Exit

For following proper construction site rules and regulations, Emergency exit is an important issue. A builder should create an emergency exit for any place within 25 meters of each floor. If all areas cannot be covered with 1 exit way then he can make multiple exits. In emergency cases, residents should hear fire alarms, and fire extinguishers should be placed everywhere so that everyone can be saved.

Car Parking Area

23 square meter area should be reserved for car parking in Dhaka or Chittagong as per the building construction rules in Bangladesh. Moreover, if the area is a commercial area then the car parking should be kept for the government authority.

Light and Ventilation

It is also said in the building construction rules in Bangladesh that, normal ventilation and lighting should be present in every room of a building. And the kitchen has to be on one side of the building beside the outer walls.

Distance from Electric Open Lines

It is urgent to stay at a safe distance from open electric lines during construction works. You can follow Dhaka Power Supply Authority, Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board, or Bangladesh Power Development Board rules.


Wrapping Up

To avoid any kind of harm or punishment, every builder or developer should work according to some authorized rules in Bangladesh. If they do not follow the existing rules of construction, then their constructed areas might be removed by the government authority at any time. 

Thank you for reading this article, to know more about building construction rules, you can go to the government site to read all the rules provided by the government. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to write a comment below. I will reply to you soon.

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