This article describes estimating and costing for building works such as – What type of construction estimates and how to work free construction cost estimator in the bellow spreadsheet. You can find more construction cost estimating spreadsheets for free download in our civil engineer’s blogs.

Construction Cost Estimating

Cost estimating is the construction process of total building spending. The building cost estimate is too needful for proper construction. When we will know the total cost for the structure, then engineers are proper circumstances describe to the client about the structure. And the client can concept the spending on the construction. So building cost estimate is important for the best and nice construction.

Type of construction estimates

1 Preliminary or Approximate or Rough Estimate
2 Plinth area estimate
3 Approximate quantity method estimate
4 Cube rate estimate or cubical content estimate
5 Revised estimate
6 Item rate estimate or detailed estimate
7 Supplementary estimate
8 Supplementary or revised estimate
9 Annual repair of maintenance estimate

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