RDA building plan approval system in Rajshahi

we can provide you with a general understanding of the concept of building design and how it may be influenced by frontage and road width.

Building design refers to the process of creating a plan or blueprint for a building, including its layout, size, shape, and aesthetic features. The design process takes into account a variety of factors, including the intended use of the building, the needs of its occupants, and local building codes and regulations.

Frontage and road width can be important considerations in building design, particularly for properties that are located on busy streets or in densely populated areas. The frontage of a property refers to the length of its boundary along the road, while the road width refers to the width of the street in front of the property.

The approval of building design by the RDA (Rajshahi Development Authority) may be influenced by these factors because they can affect the safety and functionality of the building. For example, a building with a narrow frontage or located on a narrow street may have limited access to emergency vehicles, which could impact its approval by the RDA.

Similarly, a building located on a wide road may have more space for parking or loading and unloading, which could influence the design of its entrances and exits. The RDA may also consider the aesthetic impact of a building on the surrounding area and may require certain design features to be incorporated to ensure that it is visually pleasing and compatible with its surroundings.

In summary, the approval of building design by the RDA can be influenced by a variety of factors, including frontage and road width, which may impact the safety, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of the building.

Documents required for land use and design approval

Document Required

1) Photocopy of the land deed (02) Two copies.
2) Photocopy of the Khatian’s (02) two copies.
3) Photocopy of DCR (02) two copies.
4) Photocopy of land tax current year (02) two copies.
5) Photocopy (02) of Mouza Naksha RS (02) of two copies.
6) Photocopy of National Identity Card (02) Two copies.
7) Photocopy of Income Tax Certificate / TIN (02) Two copies.
8) Passport size photograph (06) six copies.
9) Non-judicial stamps (09) Nine Copies worth Tk 100 for undertaking/contract.

Special note

a) In most cases, original copies of the above documents may be required to be shown.
b) In the case of Government or RDA-allotted plots additional documents may be required along with the above documents.
c) Approval may take 3-4 months in most cases (approval time may be shorter or longer depending on favorable timing and work).
d) Depending on the frontage of the land and the width of the road in front, the RDA approves the “Building Design”.

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