RDA building plan approval system in Rajshahi

we can provide you with a general understanding of the concept of building design and how it may be influenced by frontage and road width. Building design refers to the process of creating a plan or blueprint for a building, including its layout, size, shape, and aesthetic features. The design process takes into account a […]

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5 Sectors Of Construction

building construction

Types of Construction Construction is an essential part of modern civilization, and there are various types of construction methods utilized today. Each method has its unique advantages and disadvantages, making it essential to choose the right approach for your project. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most common types of construction and the

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Estimation and the Tendering process

Estimation and Tendering Services

Estimation and the Tendering process in Construction Industry 1         Introduction: This chapter contains the literature review pertaining to the entire project bid process comprising of Estimation, Tendering, Tender opening, and Award of Contract. A brief description of different types of Tender procedures is also included in this chapter. A case study on the impact of wrong

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Concrete Services

At-Takasur Consultancy Firm’s concrete division provides customers with the quality foundation a project needs for long-term success. At-Takasur Consultancy Firm knows how important flatwork is to a project. That’s why At-Takasur Consultancy Firm’s concrete crew puts pride and craftsmanship into every concrete pour. This attention to detail ensures your concrete enhances and supports your finished

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Soil Investigation

SOIL INVESTIGATION We explore technology for cost effective construction. The most important and essential part of any structure is sub-soil investigation work. The building will rest on it throughout its whole life. The structural designer cannot design the foundation without the sub-soil investigation data & soil parameters. It’s not possible to select a suitable type

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Building Construction Rules In Bangladesh

Construction structures like buildings are versatile features of a city that should be designed according to building construction rules in Bangladesh. To ensure a safe and modern city environment, Bangladesh is eagerly moving forward to upgrade building rules keeping in mind the increasing population and urban areas in Rajshahi. Besides Rajshahi, it is also essential

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Real Estate

ATCF offers budget Plots for sale in Rajshahi to give an opportunity for land investment to everyone. We offer budget plots for sale, Land for sale, Agriculture lands for sale, Real estate lands for sale, Farmhouse land for sale, Commercial & Residential property for sale, land investment all over Rajshahi. Buying land or Plots in

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